Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3. What Have You've Got In Stored For Me, New Week!

Should have publish this 3 days ago but I sort of forgot that I am doing this online diary to remind myself how lucky I am to be alive and get to know new people, go party etc etc etc

Last week I got to spend a brunch with le god sis & usual, we selfie, a lot :)

 Redyed my hair to purple + pink!

Went to Acme and had brunch with Mr. B
Actually, this week did  not really went that well for me. Probably too much expectation and when not met with it, it brings down all the sweet conversations we had, the thoughts that we had for each other, and those little future dreams that played through our minds after a whole tired day of errands... Back to reality then. I hope you had a good weekend with me and going to places you like :)

Sunday was my remedy day.
Thanks to Ms. Nay Nay (lol) I was at Bate Private Party! It was awesome and that is how I ended my week :) Party time with friends that matters!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2. What Have You've Got In Stored For Me, New Week!

Here is my second week of reminiscing weekly activity on my blog and also to keep this space alive (haha).

This week was filled with running around and about doing errands & mostly meeting up with friends whom I've left unseen since I've left College about 8 months ago. Also, has been busy studying for all my resit papers! It feels so awkward that I need to be studying after leaving it for 8 months!

On Tuesday morning, I was taken aback with the massive non moving traffic jam right outside my house as I was on my way to meet up ex colleagues for lunch. Little that I know, an awful accident happened right infront and it effected the opposite traffic too. Felt a little awful cause I got mad at the jam before realizing that someone's life might have been endangered.

Right after lunch, I excused myself and made my way to my College to meet up with Xindy for studies as well as to settle some things regarding my status as still being a student at my College.
It was such a sunny day till the hours of me heading home, it rained cats & dogs! Thus a picture of myself trapped on the bridge that leads to KLCC from Wisma Genting.

And whilst waiting, I saw @Edwardzo from Instagram saying that he will be following users that he notices at the moment if we like his post & comments. I've been following this model/youtuber/actor 's Instagram for quite a long time now & has never left any comment so I deliberately took this opportunity to comment 'I've been stakerishly liking your picture since god knows when and this post deserves my first comment'

Instantly, @Edwardzo followed me back! *swoons*

It was then the day I start doing my revisions for my papers and where else would I be sitting the whole day to study, none other than Coffea Bangsar :D

Then later at night, went out for a movie which I've been wanting to watch since last year and it was none other than Captain America!!!
It is those kind of movie that gets me plumped on my seat and not moving a single muscle cause it is awesome!

Got ready on the Friday. This was my #ootd whilst waiting for my Uber to come as I was heading to Publika. When I booked for my Uber, I did not notice the type of car that was coming. One thing I love about Uber is that I don't get to pick the type of cars I wanna be sitted in but nevertheless, it's always some very expensive car!

And on that fine day, which I was also going to attend Uber's party for Uber users at Phat Barrels in Publika, I got myself a Jaguar XJL to fetch me. From Cheras. To Publika. There's jam too. And people stared at the car. So I bimbotically felt awesome!

Yeap. That was my ride. And that is my driver. And no, I was not ass enough to sit at the back and act rich (lol). Every one asked why did I not sat the back! 
Overall, Uber is awesome! Cause I don't drive, Uber is super convenient & I don't feel like I might be kidnap as to how I feel whenever I take a commercialized taxi. Also, I'm paying almost the same price for normal taxi that makes me feel uncomfortable! So Uber will ALWAYS be my choice of personal driver!

My awesome brunch of Smoked Salmon on Bagels with Cream Cheese, Argula at Coffee Societe! I've never stray from my coffee-ligion of Iced Mocha. And studied till night comes where I've attended Uber event at Phat Barrels. Meet so many people that night, new and old, also met Laks from Uber and she is super pretty, not forgetting friendly!

Stayed awhile for the Uber event and then headed off for shisha session with this awesome people in my life that I never want to lose!

Then comes Doomsday where I was awake as early as 6am for my 9am morning paper. Honestly, I slacked on that first paper but I think I did okay. Then it was chill hang out time with Xindy cause neither of us think that going home to sleep would be as awesome as having brunch and then to shop at a bazaar.

And so we did! And I love having brunch! Brunch is like the perfect timing for me to gain my 'breakfast' energy when I wake up :p

Had a jolly awesome week actually!
I don't remember spending much time at home this week but I am home bound today to get my shits together to fight for Monday paper :D

So, let's see what's in stored for me next week!
Till then.

Monday, March 31, 2014

1. What Have You've Got In Stored For Me, New Week!

I am going to try to blog about my weekly musings from this week onwards & let's see how long I can keep up to this. Coming back from a week spent in Singapore made me realized how much time I usually waste back in Malaysia even when I am busy working. How lazy my bones were to go out & spend some quality time outside instead of sitting indoors & watch Korean dramas all day long *guilty as charged*

As some of you may or may not have known, I usually spend most of my time at this coffee joint named Coffea Coffee in Bangsar and it has also marked as where I'd usually meet up with my friends as it is somewhat the middle point where it is near for everyone to meet up. Also, good ambiance & friendly baristas. This was the day after I've gotten back to Malaysia & my Singapore withdrawals was so strong that I just did not want to go back home. So I sat here drinking my Mocha Latte alone *weirdo alert*

As this is the first post of my trying to recap my weekly muse, I ought to say that there will be a lot of selfies just cause it did not cross my mind that I'd be doing this blog post.

Took up initiative to set a day for my Undang listening.
Waited for an hour for the driver to come to fetch me, then waited another hour for the lecturer to start the class. Started for 10 minutes and was given a 30 minutes break, and it was such a bullshit schedule that I just packed my bag and left the class.
Left with no plans then on, I've decided to go find my ex colleague for lunch & it turned out to be a great afternoon.

And then I went to Coffea again.

Randomly chose a picture of Singapore's harbour just cause I've missed Singapore so much, there are just no words to describe it. #stillinSingaporewithdrawals

Got a job interview so I was all dressy on Friday.
That is a bruise on my thigh given by the lovely Bobo (friend's dog, what were you thinking?! lol)

The last two pictures were of my weekend.
Ended up my weekend at Zouk & here I am welcoming the new week and I hereby promise that there will be less selfies and more of what I was doing and where I was at :p

I love having my hair up in a bun because :
1. the colors on my hair has mostly faded away and I haven't got the time nor money to go to a real salon to salvage whatever they can. I've previously did my hair myself & after thrice bleaching, my hair is sort of fried. I don't dare to DIY bleach nor dye anymore. So, I shall betray money for hair's beauty!
2. the weather in Malaysia is insanely hot!!!
3. i'm a Audrey Hepburn wannabe - just kidding

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rendezvous & Enlightment

There will always be that mid life crisis where there are just too much to think about, to settle, to figure out what is first priority & which is second. Yes, I've just been through that. My way of handling it is probably isn't the best but it worked.
So I've decided to let go of my current job which I enjoyed & learnt a lot and set foot into Singapore for a week. Seen how people lived there, worked their lives out & still has the time to party.
Been given priviledge to be on Sentosa Island and went to USS!

Now that I'm back in Malaysia, its time to carry out those plans & in hopes to solve all problems & live a better life!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Never A Table of One

Day by day I learn how to live knowing that I just can't live alone in this world no matter how I think 'I am gonna be fine as long as I am alone'. Accepting different people with different characters and different attitudes with different way of thinking as well as the multiple ways each and everyone has in settling a problem, or simply different ways each individual perceive a scenario is really hard to do but you've just got to lower down your ego and know that God created each and everyone differently so that this World that He created wouldn't be a mundane threshold-cloned-character-ism.

No doubt that I still want time alone away from the rest, just being able to sit back and watch downloaded movies alone at home, lit a cigg & enjoy my own 'mamak' session with my table of one & with the rest of my things that are scattered on the table. But I've learnt that it is really important that effort is shown to reconcile with friends who has been through thick and thin with you, you don't have to see and hang out with each other everyday just  so that the friendship will always stay and be there, reconciling will do. True friends will ALWAYS be there even if you do not talk nor see each other for years. That is the one thing that I found interesting about humans and the Law of Attraction.

Littlest small talk at your session of reconciling lightens up a stressed day where earlier on you had thoughts that it is just you against the world. Great friends always knows how to let you know that you are never alone and no world is against you and they too will signal signs that they will be there for you whenever wherever, so as long as you're willing to open up your heart and thoughts and let them help you!

I am such a person who wants to be independent and only cries for help when I break down, badly. That is very wrong to do when all friends are already lining up behind you, all prepped up for the fight with you and all you've got to do is say 'Let's do this together!'

So, know that you are NEVER alone and always say 'Let's do this together!'

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Strangers Again

'Hi, I'm Victoria and it is nice meeting you.'

And no one could have guess where that first introduction presented will lead my life to.

I guess things happens just as it is and all we are able to do to make it better is to 'see how it goes' after trying our utmost best. And when that is poured out till none is left and life isn't any better, we leave.

How cliche.

Isn't there any other option to choose after 'being the best and yet it still sucks'?

Remember when you thought that 'this is it, I've found The One' and you head on day dreaming about your future, together. Talking about how it should be which then leads to planning ... that is all that remains, talk & plan, no execution. To be able to dream isn't wrong but to be forever living in that dream world is when everything is fucked up.

Now, everything that I do, however way that I talk, wherever that I go, whatever that I eat, how my day goes etc only leads to one thing in mind, You. I know that this is all the memories that I need to hold on to now to be better in the future, be it with you (again) or someone else.
I could never thought of the day that I left, your presence will still be so strong hexing into every days of my life.

People asked how I have been. 'I am fine, I'm doing great! Best decision ever! I feel free now!'. Those are all lies. Just to make one stop asking the next question, I have to do that. My heart aches to say 'I am not fine, I cry myself tired to sleep every night. Worst decision ever! I feel like I can never love anyone anymore'.

I guess no one is to be blame for what has happened and for what it is now between us, Strangers Again. Strangers that will never be able to say 'Hi, I'm Victoria and it is nice meeting you.'

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

These Is How We, Students Are This Days

Oh God, in less than a month's time I will no longer be able to call myself a 'student' anymore means no more cheap movie tickets on every Wednesday, cheap karaoke sessions for students, student's meal discounts... yes, student card is like 'credit card' to students basically... you get to have fun with discounts because you're not earning yet but you're the targeted market when it comes to entertainment businesses

I remembered when I was in high school and when exams are just around the corner, the most visited place would be McDonald's because you get to sit & study there for as long as you want, with free wifi as well as Coke refills and our 'reward' would be trips as well as going out with friends after the examination
Now that I'm in College or leaving College soon, everything is the other way around hahahaha!! Starbucks instead of McDonald's as well as trips before examinations and in my head all i can think about it, 'Heck, I'm earning some cash from part time jobs & I don't need to rely much from my mum so I can go for trips FIRST then die studying last minute for exams...'
Don't be like that though even though it is fun, it creates lazy bones as well as lazy brain

Last week, thanks to my boyfriend's close knitted family & relatives, I got a chance to go to Sekinchan and to find out fun things to do there.
Woke up pretty early and headed off to Sekinchan.
Reached there just in time for lunch, although I wasn't very keen of the menu but I was still pretty much excited for the other activities

Shark meat | Mantis prawn | Shark meat porridge | Fruit juice

I only ate the fishball that was in the shark meat porridge because I'm one of those people that will go around preaching & supports that no one should kill sharks for the meat or just to make some expensive sharkfin soup. 
All the time I was looking around the whole restaurant, feeling a little sad deep down to see that there are so many people that would come all the way to Sekinchan & queue under the hot sun just to eat some shark meat that tasted like fish, according to my boyfriend & his twin sisters.

Then we visited a temple to pay respects and we were off to the beach in Sekinchan!
I never knew there's a beach in Sekinchan! It was also my first time seeing old fishing boats slowly coming back to the shore with their catch of the day, sorry yea, I've been living with tall buildings and heat for as long as I can remember so I get very excited at the mention of 'BEACH'...

Me and boyfriend's sisters
We had our backs turned towards the camera because we wanna capture the sea view at the same time we did not want our hair to be flying all across our face
Too bad it was very sunny when we were there, if not there'll be more pictures and I'll definitely take off my shoes & lay on the beach :)

This is also my first time being on a paddy field and in the factory, I wasn't keen on the rice sold there though but I found this DELICIOUSLY home-made popcorn!!! I regretted buying only 1 of each flavor! Should have bought all back (ugh)
Beats every type of popcorn that you can find at the cinemas and yes, I'm not a big fan of overly prices Garrett popcorn that went viral for a while when it came to Malaysia.. Haven't try it before because it is overly priced! 
This here was only RM3.50 for one can

Our last stop & main 'highlight' is dinner!
I really love how organized and how everything was perfectly timed and done, all thanks to boyfriend's mummy :) No time wasted but still enjoyed the trip

Some of you might know that I do not fancy Chinese food for breakfast, lunch & dinner but boyfriend's family really knows where to eat the yummiest Chinese cuisine, so thanks to them, I'm a little straighten back to my roots, actually look forward to any invitations for Chinese cuisine :)

Was a lost on the way back from Sekinchan to Kuala Lumpur, what supposingly was a 2 hour drive (cause it was jammed and all during the festive season) became a 4 hour drive!!!
Lost also never mind but getting lost in a one lane dark area was another issue
Thank God for good reception in Sekinchan, I pulled out Waze & Wazed home...

I've decided to blog about this because my brain doesn't wanna study for this Friday's paper, instead my brain is asking for more vacation as such.
No brain, your owner has no money so better shut up and concentrate