Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Random Update About Me

1) I have been enjoying my semester break with part time working
2) I have been missing out a lot on my social life.
3) I've been staying indoors for as long as I can remember,I've only exposed to sunlight when I'm on my way to work so I've much much fairer skin now :)
4) I've redyed my hair, same color... but it's a little bright now cause the color hasn't set it and my hair is super dry now!
5) I've got a nose piercing and also lost the piercing because it's super swollen, I shall repierce..
6) I've grown fatter!!!!
7) I've been buying clothes that are within RM20 and most of it still had tags on it because I haven't been out and so I din't get a chance to wear em!
8) I've found a new hate; Lion Dances during Chinese New Year
9) I've been on Twitter, tweetering a lot so I've practically abandoned my blog...
10) Last but not least, I've found love in a hopeless place(literally)and I'm in love all over again!!

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