Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shit Malaysian Bloggers Say

I haven't been opinion-blogging for some time now but reading this  (the video,not Careen's blog)so early in the morning kind of piss me off as a blogger. I mean anyone that owns a blog and blogs constantly, whether it's all about event or things that they feel like sharing out, is a blogger, someone who 'writes'.

The first video of 'shit bla bla bla say' is Shit Girls Say and boy, I have to agree that most blondes says shit like that. Then a whole lot of  other 'shit bla bla bla say' appeared and to be honest, not EVERY homemade-video is funny. Especially not this one ...

I admit that a lot of wannabe-famously unfamous-new generation-bloggers are half as what as this video says, which kind of annoys the hell outta me. But this is over-exaggerated and what's with the overly excessively used Malaysian Slang for the girl?? We bloggers don't sound half as bad as her!

Secondly, I must say that if both of them are bloggers themselves then this video shouldn't be here at all. Who in the right mind would make something to shame themselves??? This two here must have been 'bloggers' that din't get the recognition that they have always wanted, probably since 2001 and are still striving for it. Then this cheapskate video was made and they thought that probably this will make Youtube notice them and make them famous!

Well, dream the fuck on.

There's nothing proud-to-be making videos putting down others when it isn't even HALF true.
Attending events sure is fun and do you know how many friends can be  made just by that ONE event? And do you both know how it felt to be at the event, knowing that we are all blogging on one same platform/company... It kinda feels like 'home', if you know what I mean.

And they are pathetic enough to be spamming REAL money-earning bloggers to watch this video that they made which is to put down blogger's image, just so that they can go (in their own words) 'Documentary'.
Dude, do you know what's the meaning usually use for 'documentary'?
Yes, National Geography.
Well, both of you aren't any better than animals anyway from the way you speak, the way you act and right down to how you see Malaysian Bloggers. This is somewhat helping em spread their stupid video but honestly, jangan la bangga sangat ye... I'm sure I won't hear/see a second video from the both of you.

p/s: Guuuuuuuuuuuurrrlll, you sound super annoying and just like those girls I see in Sungei Wang

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